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Payment Processing

Here at Hempicated.com we understand how difficult it is to obtain a CBD merchant account in the Hemp CBD Space. Fortunately, we have been able to secure a solid, domestic, and most importantly transparent processing solution.

Our processing company knows the CBD space and what they are doing. They offer rates that are competitive with your current CBD Merchant Account, but with much better service. They work with you and have the reputation to back it up. Don’t put your financials at stake with a random salesman.


48-72 Hour Funding

An Off-Shore CBD Merchant Account will hold your money. Our domestic solution will get you paid and quick. Don’t wait for YOUR money.

Low to No Reserves

While we cannot guarantee that you will not have a reserve, our processor does an in depth evaluation to make a determination.

No Upfront Fees

Have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be paying for a service before it is delivered. Setup fees are not charged until you’re running.

Need Banking?

Our settlement bank is happy to assist your business with a Hemp CBD bank account. Obtaining a bank account in this space can often be difficult, but having a banking solution that understands the Hemp CBD space is a major benefit.


Need Help?

Sometimes things go wrong and do not work as they are intended. Always get a live person on the phone when you have an issue and they’ll be glad to assist!

Getting Paid

Get Paid Easily & Quickly

How are you supposed to get a business off the ground if your customers get declined through your off-shore solution? Lower your decline rate with a clean, transparent, domestic processing solution for you CBD business.

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