HQO CBD products were developed with the consumer in mind. When creating this line of products, we realized that there were a lot of issues in the CBD space in regards to quality products. We wanted our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they are getting the highest quality CBD available with a fully transparent company. We have all of our products lab tested to ensure their quality and all of our lab reports are available on each product page or upon request. Take a step back and enjoy the quality products that you are receiving in HQO™ knowing that the team behind the brand took the time to ensure that the products you are using deserve to be put into your body. We stand behind our products 100% because we believe in their quality. 

Cannabidiol, which is what CBD stands for, is a completely natural substance found in all plants of the cannabis family, including medicinal marijuana. CBD has recently become a very popular supplement in the US after the media has highlighted the many wellness-improving benefits of the substance.

Because of the rise in popularity, there are hundreds of different brands and products out there that claim to contain CBD. This can make it increasingly difficult for those in need to find a true high-quality CBD product. Thankfully, there are brands like HQO ™ that do everything they can to keep the quality of their products extremely high no matter how harsh the competition. HQO ™ follows their product from seed to sale, ensuring that only the very best hemp and hemp oil is used and they thoroughly test their products for potency.

What makes CBD so interesting, anyway? For starters, CBD isn’t as new of a supplement as the media might make you think. The industrial hemp plant has been cultivated by farmers in Eastern Asia for centuries. The hemp plant offers very strong fibers for cloth, paper, and even concrete making and gives a very rich and nutritious oil that can be extracted from its seeds and stalks.

Under the 2014 Farm bill act, Hemp containing less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis is legal in all 50 states! This is what makes all of our products at Hempicated completely legal in all 50 states.