The skin around our face and neck is the one of the most exposed parts of our body, open to the daily deterioration caused by the world around us. Cannabis Beauty Defined ® was created to combat these aging effects with a line of high-quality and all-natural, cannabis-based skin care products unique to this brand.


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Top-shelf, high-class, luxury skin care. These three terms exude from every bottle you’ll touch in the Cannabis Beauty Defined® product line from HempMeds. You’ll indulge in the glamour of these products and we believe what makes them so spectacular comes from deep within.

To uphold this, for the ladies and gentlemen who use the Cannabis Beauty Defined® line of products, a high standard has been placed upon each and every herb that is included. At the core of the collection, there is one ingredient that you’ll find throughout our product line – our non-GMO, high CBD hemp oil and other natural phytocannabinoids.

We vow authenticity and we find that value in an amazingly sustainable resource – hemp! But the ingredient list doesn’t stop there because as we herbalists know best, it’s the combination of herbs that makes the concoction really come alive! And so, we introduce to you to the Bi-Bong® formula…

Now, you’ll see this mentioned quite a bit in each of these products, but the secret to know is that the Bi-Bong® formula is not just one formula – It’s unique to every product. Many of the herbs are even hand-harvested, and each one is tested for potency in our labs before going into the products you’ll soon have lining your bathroom counter.

This collection is intentionally curated for the ultimate in all-natural experiences. This beautiful anti-aging skincare line features a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, and moisturizer. We also care for the rest of your body with a multi-use body salve, a therapeutic bath soak and CBD hemp capsules for inner and outer youthfulness!

So, indulge in the experience, bask in the aura of all-natural botanical ingredients, and light a candle on your tubside for us tonight while you enjoy the luxury of Cannabis Beauty Defined®.

Cannabidiol, which is what CBD stands for, is a completely natural substance found in all plants of the cannabis family, including medicinal marijuana. CBD has recently become a very popular supplement in the US after the media has highlighted the many wellness-improving benefits of the substance.

Because of the rise in popularity, there are hundreds of different brands and products out there that claim to contain CBD. This can make it increasingly difficult for those in need to find a true high-quality CBD product. Thankfully, there are brands like Cannabis Beauty Defined ® that do everything they can to keep the quality of their products extremely high no matter how harsh the competition. Cannabis Beauty Defined ® follows their product from seed to sale, ensuring that only the very best hemp and hemp oil is used and they thoroughly test their products for potency.

What makes CBD so interesting, anyway? For starters, CBD isn’t as new of a supplement as the media might make you think. The industrial hemp plant has been cultivated by farmers in Eastern Asia for centuries. The hemp plant offers very strong fibers for cloth, paper, and even concrete making and gives a very rich and nutritious oil that can be extracted from its seeds and stalks.

Under the 2014 Farm bill act, Hemp containing less than 0.3{03c6ed9c7292793a5635106886a6facae0686a7e7bfbe6c29280aa83fc7d030a} THC on a dry weight basis is legal in all 50 states! This is what makes all of our products at Hempicated completely legal in all 50 states.

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