The story of Cool Brands Direct ™ began with one simple idea, making sure our customers knew where their hemp was actually coming from, in addition to finding the purest hemp/CBD products that were grown and cultivated in the state that bares its name. The Cool Brands Direct ™ product lines were developed with transparency for our customers. We want them to know where our CBD is coming from for each product and make that available to everyone. The owners of Cool Breeze Distributors decided that the best way to get CBD to the people who needed it by establishing their own line of products.  We make sure to include as much information as possible about every product we offer. This is why we include the Certificate of Analysis for every product sold on our websites, including products that are not Cool Brands Products. We make sure that all of our products are lab tested so our customers can feel at ease knowing the exact contents of every product. We understand there can be some concern when researching CBD products, that is why we make it as easy as possible.
Cannabidiol, which is what CBD stands for, is a completely natural substance found in all plants of the cannabis family, including marijuana. CBD has recently become a very popular supplement in the US after the media has highlighted the many wellness-improving benefits of the substance.

Because of the rise in popularity, there are hundreds of different brands and products out there that claim to contain CBD. This can make it increasingly difficult for those in need to find a true high-quality CBD product. Thankfully, there are brands like Cool Brands Direct ™ that do everything they can to keep the quality of their products extremely high no matter how harsh the competition. Cool Brands Direct ™ follows their product from seed to sale, ensuring that only the very best hemp and hemp oil is used and they thoroughly test their products for potency.

What makes CBD so interesting, anyway? For starters, CBD isn’t as new of a supplement as the media might make you think. The industrial hemp plant has been cultivated by farmers in Eastern Asia for centuries. The hemp plant offers very strong fibers for cloth, paper, and even concrete making and gives a very rich and nutritious oil that can be extracted from its seeds and stalks.

Under the 2014 Farm bill act, Hemp containing less than 0.3{03c6ed9c7292793a5635106886a6facae0686a7e7bfbe6c29280aa83fc7d030a} THC on a dry weight basis is legal in all 50 states! This is what makes all of our products at Hempicated completely legal in all 50 states.

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