About Us

See our story below and remember to always…  Keep Your Adventure Going. 

Who We Are

If you’re still wondering, we are Hempicated.com. A team of dedicated individuals working to ensure you receive the best products available on the CBD Market. All of our products, including our own brands, are highly vetted and properly tested to make sure that our highest priority (YOU) is in great hands. 

With backgrounds fit for the industry, the hempicated team is here to answer any and all questions that you may have. We don’t hide from our customers 


Why Choose Us

We are here for you, our customers. We don’t hide run. We don’t hide. We answer the phone and respond to your emails.  We are transparent with our products which means we have nothing to hide from you. If you have a concern or a question… just ask. We are here to help.


What we do

We bring amazing CBD to consumers looking for quality products.

A Piece of Our Story…

Welcome to Hempicated.com, where you can find all of your Hemp Products and CBD Oil needs. Here is Our Story.

‘Hempicated’ was originally founded in 2014  by three ambitious, young entrepreneurs all under the age of twenty. Our belief from the start has been confidence in the power of natural and safe medicine, which is why we were trying to find a new and innovative way to break into the medical and recreational marijuana business.

It is no secret that prescription opioid and illicit drug addiction is an epidemic that is a growing problem in our country with no clear solution in the near future. The effects are horribly devastating and we, as well as many others in the US, have experienced these effects at a personal level.

Unfortunately, we were disadvantaged by our age and resources as being young innovators that were not legally and financially ready to enter a marketplace where we could make the difference we wanted to.

Since that time, we have been tirelessly been researching, learning, and preparing to enter the marketplace that revolves around all natural hemp remedies for those who are in need. Now, we are all in our early twenties, and have rebranded ourselves as ‘Hempicated’, to promote the substantial benefits of hemp-based supplemental medication.

We believe that we are now prepared, knowledgable, well researched and marketable, and most importantly, ready, to work toward our mission to provide the public with an alternate to traditional medicine.

Stay tuned for the launch of our very own brand of Hemp oils and products High Quality Oil™ (HQO™)